Sigle Spring Slurry seals


Seal Face :Carbon, Silicon, TC
Secondary Seals :Viton/PTFE/GFT
Metal Parts :SS 316, Alloy 20,

 Single Spring Cartridge Seals

Single Coil Slurry seals is a compact balanced seal specially developed for handling sludges, slurries, polymerising fluids and thick syrups containing 30-40%

Single spring slurry seals have single coil spring construction & has a Non Clogging Spring Construction feature giving better seal life.


Specially used in paper industries, petrochemicals, petroleum refinery etc

  Operating Limits

Pressure : up to 30 Bars
Temperature : (-)50 to 180°C
Speed : up to 15 m/s
Sizes : 10 to 150mm

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