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The cyclone separator is part of the seal support system that allows a clean flush to be provided for the mechanical seal when an external source of clean fluid is not available or is too costly. With a properly installed cyclone separator, no fluid is lost, and it will remain almost maintenance free. The separator is piped from the discharge side of the pump where the abrasive laden fluid is found. It is then circulated through the separator, which removes a large quantity of the abrasive particles and leaves a cleaner fluid to be directed to the seal chamber. This provides better circulation and reduces the temperature at the seal faces.

Cyclone Seprator

Industrial Cyclone Seprator

Cyclone Separator are conical vessels attached to the Seal Gland for use with API Plan 11 for flushing of the media to the seal chamber.

Industrial cyclone seprator is designed to supply clear flushing fluid for lubrication to mechanical seal in seal chamber. This is fitted in between pump discharge and seal flush port line, to remove abrasive particals which can cause damage to mechanical seal and reduce its recommended operational life.

The heavy particles are separated with cyclonic effect & clean fluid is available for flushing the seal chamber in these industrial cyclone separator

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