• John Crane Mechanical seals

  • Eagle Burgmann Mechanical seals

  • Flowserve Mechanical seals

  • AES Mechanical seals

  • Durametallic Mechanical seals

  • U.S. Seals ,Pac Seals


Mechanical Seals come in a wide range of designs however the most important factor when determining how long a seal is going to last, is deciding on the right Mechanical seal face materials.

Mechanical seal faces are normally machined-to-order for engineered mechanical seals.We stock a huge range of sizes and shapes of Mechanical seal faces and seal rings both in form of raw material and semi finished condition for faster delivery.

Available Range: We offer SealFaces/Seal Rings which Include
  • Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces.

  • Ceramic Seal Faces.

  • Carbon Seal Faces.

  • Nitrile O- Rings.

  • Silicon Carbide Seal Faces.

  • PTFE seal faces.

  • Burgmann Mechanical Seals Faces- Type G6, Type R.

  • Mechanical Seals Faces- H &T Type.

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