• John Crane Type 21 Replacement Mechanical seal

  • Burgmann MG1 seal / MG12 seal / MG13 seal

  • John Crane type 10T/10R Replacement Mechanical seal

  • John Crane type 606, 609 Replacement Mechanical seal


Bellow Seals are used to close the inside of a pump from the outside world to prevent leakage. Bellow Mechanical seals provide a high degree of axial flexibility to compensate for lack of concentricity of the shaft or misalignment due to thrust movement of the shaft.

Bellow seals are fabricated and designed as per the international standards, and are widely appreciated in the market for their quality and sturdy construction.

Available Range: Metal Bellow Seals, Rubber Bellow Seals,Teflon/PTFE Bellow Seals, welded metal bellow seals,Water Pump Seals.

Application : Bellow seal are used for high temperature application such as refinery, petrochemical , chemical industries,Sugar Industry, Paper Industry & Pulp Industry.

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