Mechanicale Seals Replacement

  • John Crane Mechanical seals

  • Eagle Burgmann Mechanical seals

  • Flowserve Mechanical seals

  • AES Mechanical seals

  • Durametallic Mechanical seals

  • U.S. Seals ,Pac Seals

Repairing Process

We are able to evaluate worn-out seals and to refurbish quickly and economically.

We have a fully operational workshop where we reconditional all types of mechanical seals if the condition allows giving the mechanical seal or components a second life.

Our experienced Engineers, appropriate machines and equipments, enables us to quickly point out the root cause accurately.We conside all aspects of the seal condition and operation hiistory to determine the root cause of any problems.

All seal components are completely cleaned,measured, pressure tested, and inspected by the enginerring department to determine which vparts can be re-used or require replacement.

All of the seals we repair are cleaned or sand blasted, inspected for factory tolerance, receive new faces if required (otherwise lapped), new springs, new elastomeric (rubber boot or O-rings), new set screws, new setting clips (if a cartidge seal), lapped to industry standards (2-3 light bands) assembled Re - inspected and shipped.

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