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Teflon Packing

Manufacturers of lose pickings are often asked to simply supply "A PTFE packing." It is typically used in adjustable gland applications such as telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. A clear understanding of the differences between the various forms of PTFE lose packing will enable a selection of reliable sealing for the pump or valve.

Ptfe Packings

PTFE Packings

Micro seals is the leading manufacturer, and supplier of quality PTFE/Teflon Packings for used in Mechanical seals,valves, Pumps, Mixers & Vessels, Filter, Heat Exchanger and Flanges.

Teflon Packing can be used for low or high pressure applications.

We stock a huge range of sizes and shapes of PTFE Packing in semi finished condition for faster delivery.

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