• Kirloskar Pump Mechanical Seals.

  • Ksb Pump Mechanical Seals.

  • Flowserve Pump Mechanical Seals.

  • Grundfos Pump Mechanical Seals.

  • Johnson Pump Mechanical Seals.

  • Alfa Laval Pump Mechanical Seals.


Micro Seals Provides a wide range of Pump Mechanical seals for

KSB Pump Seals, Johnson Pump Seals, Alfa Laval Pump Seals, Kirloskar Pump Seals, Grundfos Pump Seal, Flowserve Pump Seals,Akay Pump Seals,Sulzer Pump Seals, And Many More Pump Brands seals.

Standard size Seals and materials are available in stock. Specials Size and Design available upon request from our factory as per customer design and specification . For technical info, dimensions and materials, please contact via Email

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kirloskar Pump Replacement seals

Kirloskar Pump Seal

We are engaged in offering our clients a wide range of Kirloskar Pump Seal which are also available as per client specification.

Features :
  • Products are made of stainless steel.

  • Offered in a variety of makes.

  • robust and sturdy construction.

  • availability of All Range of Eagle burgmann seals to be deliver in time.

Ksb Pump Mechanical  Seals

KSB Pump Seal

We offer a wide range of precision engineered custom KSB Pump Seals. We help to reduce the cost of plant ownership through enhanced sealing reliability and reduced maintenance, comprehensive technical services and lower transaction costs.

Available Range :

  • KSB PUMP SERIES Etachrom, Etanorm, Etabloc,Amarex KRT seals.


Seal Type: Rubber bellow single seal, unbalanced, independent of direction of rotation Special Construction on Request

Grandfose Mechanical  Seals

Grandfos Pump Seal

We are instrumental in offering superior quality Grundfos Pump Cartridge Seals These Grundfos Seals have sophisticated design for tough slurries.

Grandfos pump seal used for stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pump.It is suitable to

grundfos pump CR(N) 32, 45, 64, 90, 150 Multi spring Seal for Grudfos Hilge® pumps.

Seal Type: Single cartridge seals, single seal, unbalanced.

Johnson Pump Mechanical Seals

Johnson Pump Seal

We Provide superior quality Johnson Pump Seal Johnson Pump Seal which are mostly used in industrial Applicaation.

They are single acting. It has a conical spring in it of 73 type. It also has a single helical coil spring of 77 type.

Seal Type: :
  • Wave-spring 'O'-Ring mounted for Johnson® TL series pumps.

  • Johnson® centrifugal series pump seal-Single seal, unbalanced, independent of direction of rotation with Elastomer Secondary seal face

  • Johnson® Positive Displacement Pump seal .

Super Proof Seals

Seals For O.E.M PUMPS

Available Range:
  • Multi-spring double seal for ITT Flygt® pumps

  • Wave-spring,balanced seal for Alfa Laval® SR and LKPL pump

  • Elastomer bellows seals for KSB Pump

  • Elastomer bellows seals for Grandfos Pump

  • Rubber bellows seals for Grundfos ®® cp-series pumps.

  • Conical spring 'O'-Ring mounted balanced seal for K.S.B ® movi series pumps.

  • O'-Ring mounted seals for Alfa Laval® lkh series pumps

  • flowserve® hydrotitan series pump seal

  • flowserve® primotitan series pump seal

  • flowserve® supertitan series pump seal

  • Agitator Mixer seal for Alfa Laval® pumps

  • single unbalanced seal for Alfa Laval® (SR serie,LKPL serie)pumps

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