• Burgmann CARTEX-SN Replacement seal

  • John Crane 5610, 5610Q Replacement Seal

  • Flowserve P-50, 84/85 replacement Seal

  • AES Seal SMSS replacement Mechanical seal


Slurry Mechanical Seals is Doubled Semi Cartridge Balanced Seal, designed to operate without a flush in tough slurries.The slurry Mechanical seals incorporates a unique non-clogging spring isolated from products.These are specially used for abrasive & media with solid particles.

Slurry Seals Suitable for liquids containing 30-40% Slurry.Slurry Seals Supplied with Conical Stuffing box and To be used as a replacement of Double Seal (back to back arrangement).

Available Range: Cartridge Slurry seal, Semi Cartridge Seal, single coil spring seal, Multi Spring Slurry Seals & Non Metallic Pump slurry Seals & SPlit Mechanical seals

Application : Sealing of abrasive media is a big challenge in process industries. our slurry seals designed to thrive in the harshest abrasive slurry environments Process fluids such as ores, limestone, phosphates, kaolin clay, drilling mud, boiler fly ash, rock salt, sludge, sand and gravel .

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