• John Crane Type 21 Seal

  • Aesseal P04 Replacement Seal

  • Flowserve 110 Replacement Seal

  • Roten 21A Replacement Seal

  • Vulcan 11 Replacement Seal

  • Burgmann EA560 replacement seal


We are offering all type of rubber bellow seals which is widely used in centrifugal pumps and rotating equipments. These Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seal are highly used in water transfer applications.Mechanical seals are simply another means of controlling leakage of a process where other means are deemed to be less capable of performing the task adequately.

Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals

Water Pump Seals
(Type MSRB21)

Rubber Bellow Seals are mainly use in waste water treatment plants for the sewage applications.Due to its compact design it can be easily mounted.

It has a unique rubber bellow secondary seal, which provides a high degree of axial flexibiiity and protects the shaft/ sleeve from fretting.

Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals can be use regardless of direction of rotation since the driving torque is not transmitted through the coil spring. The required driving torque is through the spring and spring holder.The single coil spring will avoid effluent particle.

  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon, Seramic, Silicon, TC
  • Mating Ring Faces : Silicon, TC
  • Secondary Seals : Viton / Nitron
  • Metal Parts : SS 316,

Sewage applications. Waste water pumps. Fuel injection pumps. Hot & cold-water pumps.

  • Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
  • Temperature : (-)20c to (+)150c
  • Speed : 20 m/s
  • Sizes : 12 mm to 100 mm

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