• FLOWSERVE RO Replacement Mechanical seal

  • LeakProof 88B2 Replacement Mechanical seal

  • Burgmann HJ92N Replacement Mechanical seal

  • John Crane Type 58U/59U Replacement seal


Multi Spring Mechanical Seals can be used in various industries for different applications as per the requirement of the products such as single, back to back, face to face or tandem arrangement.Multi-Spring seals design has many springs put uniform force over the faces hence increase its life.Most of components are interchangeable, hence it proves economical and easy to maintain.

Pusher Type Mechanical Seals are available in Un-balance design for low pressure and Balance design for high pressure applications.These Seals can be designed in Double configuration for toxic, hazardous, costly & volatile liquids. We can offer Double Mechanical Seals in Back to Back as well as Tandem arrangement as per application.

Available Range: Multi Spring Unbalanced Seal, Multi Spring Balanced Seal, Reversed Balanced Seal, Capsulated Spring Seals, Dry Running Mixer Seals , Multi Spring Slurry Seal & Single Coil Slurry Seals.

Application : Pusher seal are used in Clear Lubricating, Non Corrosive & volatile liquids.

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