• Burgmann CARTEX-SN, ANSI S Replacement seal

  • John Crane 5610, 5610Q Replacement Seal

  • Flowserve P-50, 84/85 Replacement Seal

  • AES Seal SMSS Replacement Mechanical Seal


This seal specially designed Back plate of pump and Impeller in this particular seal which gives better seal life and performance. Hydraulically balanced faces for excellent seal reliability. Specially coated spring is located outside the process. Flushing helps to lubricate the seal faces from atmospheric side of mechanical seal. MULTI SPRING SLURRY SEALS seal for Non metallic pump , standardized modular design and Inside Mounted.

Top entry agitator Mixer seal

Multi Coil Cartridge Mechanical Seals
(Type CS40)

Multi Spring Slurry Seal is special purpose Multi coil cartridge balanced seal designed developed for handling slurries, sludges, thick syrups and polymerising fluids.

The springs are isolated from the fluid being sealed by dynamic O-ring, which enhances the seal life.

This compact design Multi Coil slurry seal permits to use in all types of centrifugal pumps.

  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon, Silicon, TC
  • Mating Ring Faces : Silicon, TC
  • Secondary Seals :Viton/PTFE/GFT
  • Metal Parts :SS 316, Alloy 20,
  • Paper industries.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Petroleum refinery.
  • Pressure : up to 15 Bars
  • Temperature : (-)50 to 180°C
  • Speed : up to 25 m/s
  • Sizes : 25 to 150mm

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