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Our expert engineers have heat exchanger designed, manufactured, tested and inspected standard plan. It can supply seals buffer liquid for single seals or main seals of the dual seals. Its function remove heat from flush liquid meeting with requirement of flushing seals face. There is heat tube inside the heat exchanger. Seals Flush liquid flow thru tube process and cooling liquid flow thru shell proces. heat exchangers, abrasive separators and pump seal gas control panels support the most complete spectrum of industrial processes. Seals Flush liquid flow thru tube process and cooling liquid flow thru shell process Heat exchanger with vent port and drain port.

Heat Exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger offered find application in flushing of seal chamber with reduced temperature and supported by cooling coil.

Industrial Heat exchanger are often used for bringing down the temperature of flushing fluid before it enters in the seal chamber.

When the mechanical seals are used with API plan 21, 23 and 41, Heat Exchangers are used. Special feature of this heat exchanger is that its cooling coil can be removed for cleaning purpose.

Industrial Heat Exchangers are widely used in refrigeration, space heating, air conditioning, chemical plants and others

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