• John Crane Type 58U/59U Replacement seal

  • Burgmann BT.C5.KU / BT-C5E / BT-C5 Replacement seal

  • Aesseal M03S Replacement Mechanical seal

  • LeakProof 80/85U Replacement Mechanical seal


We are a highly esteemed General Purpose Multi Spring Unbalanced Seal. Their Compact Design permits their use in all types of Centrifugal Pumps. All Components are held together by a Snap Ring that helps in easier installation & removal. this kind is widely used in various industries for different applications such as rotating equipment, pumps, mixers, agitators and compressors.

Unbalanced Multi spring Seals

Unbalanced Mechanical Seals
(Type 031U/W32U)

Multi Spring Unbalance Seals is pusher type unbalanced seals used to avoid distortion at high speeds and ensure uniform pressure on seal faces under all operating conditions and Prevents any kind of leakage.

Multi Spring unbalanced seals can be easily assemble or dismantled through circlip provided and can be change to balance version by changing only the seal ring and the secondary seal.

Multi Spring unbalanced Mechanical seals are compact in design suiting all types of rotating equipments, pumps, mixers,agitators and compressors.

  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon, Silicon, TC
  • Mating Ring Faces : Silicon, TC
  • Secondary Seals :Viton / PTFE / GFT
  • Metal Parts :SS 316,SS 304, Alloy 20,

Generally used in Petrochemicals, Light Hydrocarbons & General Industrial fluids.

  • Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
  • Temperature : (-)50c to (+)280c
  • Speed : 25 m/s
  • Sizes : 10 mm to 150 mm

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