Mechanical Seal Suppliers

  • John Crane Mechanical seals

  • Eagle Burgmann Mechanical seals

  • Flowserve Mechanical seals

  • AES Mechanical seals

  • Durametallic Mechanical seals

  • U.S. Seals ,Pac Seals

Mechenical Seals Suppliers

Mechanical Seal Suppliers

Mechanical seals of “Micro Seal” are widely use for sealing corrosive, volatile abrasive, precious, or flammable fluids. We offer a complete line of Mechanical seal which include Cartridge seals, Dry-running seals, Metal bellow seals, Elastomer bellows Seal, Single and Multi Spring Seals, Teflon bellows Seal, Agitator Mixer seal. for diverse application in a wide range of industries.

We Manufacture Mechanical Seals as per our own design as well as equivalent to reputed international brand like John Crane, Sealol, Pac Seals, Durametallic, Eagle Burgmann, Flowserve, Aesseal, Roten etc. as per sample or drawing.

We also under take Repairing of Mechanical Seals which include Reconditioning of Mechanical Seal, Replacing seal faces & lapping to bring them back to like “New condition”.

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