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Based on these two properties of PTFE Teflon bellow faces, Our products are suitable for use with all chemical products and compensate for repeated thermal expansion in pipelines. These seals are offered to PTFE fittings in accordance with drawings. We also offer PTFE with graphite and other powder filled seals in accordance with client necessity. Furthermore, these can be easily customized in compliance with client requirement and are delivered on time. PTFE lined stainless steel compensator available for very high pressure service.

PTFE teflon Bellow Faces


We are the manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive range of PTFE/Teflon Bellow Faces which are widely used in Mechanical Seals.Teflon bellow faces are available in different specifications and sizes to cater the needs of the clients as per their requirement.

PTFE Seal Faces are offered as standard seal face material on outside mounted PTFE bellow type seals.PTFE seal face is recommended for extremely corrosive light duties.

Pumps, Mixers & Vessels, Filter, Heat Exchanger, Mechanical Seals, Flanges, Valves etc.

  • Eflon bellow with GFT seal faces (Non Replaceable). GFT seal faces provide excellent sealing in corrosive environments.
  • Teflon bellow with CFT/SIC seal faces (Replaceable)
  • PTFE clamp Ring for used in mechanical seals

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