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A mechanical seal is a very important products. Every centrifugal pump must accommodate a spinning shaft while mechanically maintaining fluid or gas contained in the “wet end” of the pump. This seals have primarily of a rotary seal face with a driving mechanism which running at the constant speed in the pump shaft, a stationary seal face which mates with the rotary and is retained using a gland or in some pump models an integral stuffing box cover, a tension assembly (utilizing springs or a metal bellows) keeps the rotary face firmly positioned against the stationary face preventing, excluding, and containing contamination and leakage, both when the pump is not in operation and when the pump shaft is rotating. Static sealing gaskets, O rings or elastomeric bellows are strategically located to complete the seal assembly.

Ceramic Seal Face

Ceramic Mechanical Seal Faces

Ceramic Seal faces have the property of good sealing properties,resistant-high-temperature,resistant-corrosion, and resistant-wearing. It is chemically inert and can be applied to nearly any product.

Ceramic Seal Rings is the best seal face material for highly corrosive chemical services.We supply the High Alumina ceramic materials.

Tungsten Carbide Seal face

Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Faces

Tungsten carbide Seal Faces is very versatile seal face like Silicon is widely used seal faces material with high wear resistance, high fractural strength, high thermal conductivity, and small heat expansion co-efficient.

Tungsten carbide is the best material to resist heat and fracture in all hard face materials.

Silicone carbide seal Faces

Silicone Carbide Mechanical seal faces

Silicon Carbide Seal Faces is the hardest seal face material with excellent abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction.It also retains its strength at temperatures as high as 1400°C and offers excellent wear resistance and thermal shock resistance.

Silicon Carbide Seal Rings is an ideal seal face material for the refinery,fertilizer, petrochemical,chemical, and off-shore duties.

Carbon Graphite Seal Faces

Carbon Graphite Mechanical Seal Faces

Resin impregnated Carbon Graphite Seal Faces is the normal rotary seal face material.

Carbon Graphite Seal Rings has the advantage of excellent corrosion resistance, self lubricity, high coefficient of heat conductivity. in addition resin impregnated carbon has low permeability and good thermal conductivity

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