• Burgmann H76 Replacement Mechanical Seal

  • Leak Proof 70B/75B Replacement seal

  • Burgmann H211 Replacement Mechanical Seal

  • Leak Proof LPS150/LPS155 Replacement seal


We manufacture, supply and export the finest quality of single spring unbalance seals, for various industrial applications. The single spring unbalance seals are used mainly in dirty and congealing application. The seals are highly demanded for the anti abrasive applications.These seals are easy to install and operate for different application being used in various industries. These seals are compact in design for handling liquids of varying contamination including Slurries Sludge, sewage, Viscous and crystallizing Solution. These Seals are designed in both balanced and unbalanced version based on pressure parameters. Spring clogging does not occur in single spring seals. We are the manufacturer of pusher seal.

Balanced Single spring Seal

Single Spring Unbalanced Mechanical seals (Type O22U/V23U)

Single Spring Unbalance Seals is unbalanced single acting helical coil spring seals independent of direction of rotation.

single Coil unbalanced seals are internally mounted and easy to install.rotary seal ring is driven by the motion transmitted by the shaft to the spring.slippages are eliminated, protecting the shaft and sleeve from fretting.

Spring completely protected from the product.Easily handle for media containing abrasive particles and solids

  • Seal Ring Faces : Carbon, Silicon, TC
  • Mating Ring Faces : Silicon, TC
  • Secondary Seals :Viton/PTFE/GFT
  • Metal Parts :SS 316, Alloy 20, 904L

Specially used in paper industries, petrochemicals, petroleum refinery etc

  • Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
  • Temperature : (-)50c to (+)280c
  • Speed : 2900 rpm (Max)
  • Sizes : 16 mm to 100 mm

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