Mechanicale Seals Replacement

  • John Crane Mechanical seals

  • Eagle Burgmann Mechanical seals

  • Flowserve Mechanical seals

  • AES Mechanical seals

  • Durametallic Mechanical seals

  • U.S. Seals ,Pac Seals

Mechanical Seals Repair Tips

If your Pump seals are in need of repair, we can bring them back to “Like new” condition.

If you use seals, you know reparing them can easily save you 50% of the cost of a new seal. with the exception of the most common the “throw aways”, Repairing Seals will save your money.

Ship your seals to us so that we can provide you turnaround service within few days.

Our Strength

We repair all brands, and all styles of Mechanical Seal from all seal manufacturers including but not limited to John Crane, Flowserve, Chesterton,AES, Flex-A-Seal, Burgmann, Robco, Us-Seal Etc.

We are Specialized in handling Repairing of all makes and models of Agitators, Mixers, Reactors, Atomizers and centrifuges, (Any size Variation).

Our focus isn't just on the rapid, cost-effective delivery of new and replacement parts – it’s equally fixed on delivering long-term reliability solutions that exceed even the highest customer expectations.

Looking for a quality and affordable Product for your Leakage Proof Sealing Solution?